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Let's do weight loss, together

At WeightMEDICA, we believe a collaborative approach is key to achieving your weight loss goals. Our team of board-certified bariatric and nutritional specialists will work with you to create a personalized weight loss plan tailored to your unique body metrics and long-term aspirations!

Certified Specialists

Our team of ABIM-certified providers and weight-loss experts are among the best in the industry. Follow the guidance of medical professionals, doctors, and experts—not robotic apps—to provide safe, caring, and trusted weight loss guidance.

GLP-1 Medications

Eligible clients can access FDA-approved weight loss medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepetide (Wegovy, Ozempic, Mounjaro). Under the supervision of a board-certified physician, you'll get the boost needed to kickstart your weight loss!

Private Dietetic Technician

At WeightMEDICA, your registered dietetic technician crafts a personalized nutrition plan with you. With their guidance, you'll find the perfect strategy to shed pounds, with a range of options like protein products, meal kits, low-calorie treats, and healthy alternatives.

Long-term Success

Our mission goes beyond weight loss. After your initial program, we help maintain your optimal health. Work with your Registered Dietetic Technician to track progress and lifestyle adjustments for years!


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Proof is in the Numbers


Complimentary Consultation

Get in touch with us today! Take the opportunity to meet with one of our weight loss specialists who will guide you through our programs, addressing any questions you may have. Additionally, you'll receive a personalized Body Composition Analysis as part of the process.


Choose Your Program

Following a consultation with one of our professionals, the patient will determine the program that best suits their needs. Once a decision is made, our staff will facilitate the necessary blood work to ensure the patient's safety before commencing our diet plan.


Begin Your Journey

You'll have an on-site meeting with a provider to discuss and review your blood work, ensuring clearance to start your journey! Your personalized weight loss plan will seamlessly integrate a tailored combination of diet, lifestyle adjustments, fitness routines, supplements, and medications for optimal results.

Joseph D, MA

" The variety of resources was what ultimately sold me on the whole program. Once I began, it was clear to see why WeightMEDICA has been so popular. It works!"

Vanessa L, CT

"The staff is the best. Deb is absolutely awesome, she really helps you understand the breakdown of muscle and fat and why the diet is designed the way it is. Weight Medica gets a 10 in my book."

MaryAnn C, CT

"I have had an excellent experience with Andrew Rodican, PA who has specialized bariatric medicine, thus in helping clients change their thinking and lifestyles to take and KEEP weight off."


Meet the WeightMEDICA TEAM

Weight Medica's team, comprising board-certified physicians, medical providers, nutritionists, and registered dietetic technicians with over 17 years of experience, eagerly awaits the opportunity to assist Connecticut residents in shedding excess pounds and achieving their goals!

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