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Welcome to Connecticut's premier destination for safe and effective weight loss. Our personalized programs emphasize diet modification, clinical supervision, and medical guidance. Whether you're looking to shed pounds or manage weight-related conditions, our approach delivers significant improvements in just weeks!

Our Mission

At WeightMedica, our mission is to empower clients to achieve optimal weight and complete well-being. With unwavering dedication and personalized care, our physicians create individualized weight loss strategies that yield exceptional results. We provide a comprehensive approach that includes tailored dietary plans, expert nutritional guidance, medically prescribed GLP-1 medications, specialized fitness advice, and lifestyle coaching. This ensures not only effective weight loss but also long-term success for our patients.

Personalized Meal Kits

Discover a diverse menu of nutritious alternatives and convenient meal kits at WeightMedica, each meticulously crafted to deliver delicious flavors while supporting your goals for a healthier waistline. From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between!

GLP-1 Medications

Eligible patients at WeightMEDICA have access to cutting-edge FDA-approved GLP-1 medications, offering advanced treatment options that are carefully chosen to meet their specific needs.

Protein Products

Explore a diverse selection of popular protein products at WeightMEDICA, including protein bars, shakes, and a range of other high-protein food options. Each item is carefully chosen to support your nutritional goals, ensuring both convenience and delicious satisfaction.

Dietetic Technician

As a WeightMEDICA client, you'll team up with a registered dietetic technician to craft a personalized nutrition plan designed to meet your weight goals.

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Debra Boynton, DTR

With over 25 years of clinical nutrition expertise, Debra is a seasoned Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR) certified by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) since 1995. Her extensive background includes roles at Paradigm Healthcare, Harborside Arden House, Milford Hospital, and Middlesex Hospital, where she conducted nutritional screenings, devised personalized care plans, and facilitated educational sessions for individuals and groups.


Debra brings a wealth of experience, complemented by her work as an independent nutritional consultant for health club clients. Additionally, maintaining certification with AFAA as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer for over two decades underscores her commitment to fostering health and wellness through balanced nutrition and physical activity.

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Andrew Rodican, PA

Andrew graduated from Yale School of Medicine in 1994 and was awarded the 1994 Yale University School of Medicine Physician Associate Program Medical Writing Award. He has over 20 years of clinical experience as a Physician Assistant. His background spans across the care continuum, with hands-on experience in Bariatric Medicine, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, and Occupational Medicine.

Andrew is one of the first four Physician Assistants in the U.S. to specialize in Bariatric Medicine and pass the National Certification Examination for the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. He joined WeightMedica in August of 2014.

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