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our mission

WeightMEDICA is a premier medical weight loss clinic that specializes in successfully shedding weight off its patients in a simple and safe way. As a leading center for weight loss success, we take initiative on how this is achieved. This is done with the highest quality care by incorporating a VLCD and teaching our patients how to live a healthy lifestyle. Our program has been proven beneficial to our patients with not only obesity, but also with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and sleep apnea.  In weeks you can improve your cholesterol, fasting blood glucose levels, and even your blood pressure.

Transform your life in 3 easy steps:


free consultation

Contact us today! You'll have the chance to meet with one of our weight loss specialists and have them explain our programs and answer any questions you might have. This also includes a personalized Body Composition Analysis.


pick a program

After speaking to one of our professionals, the patient will decide which program would work best for them. Upon deciding, our staff will order blood work to be done to ensure the patient is safe to begin our diet.


get started

You'll meet with a provider on-site to review the bloodwork and be cleared to begin!

*All patients require medical clearance before starting the diet. Our medical providers hold the right to require additional medical information prior to initiating the program, and also to deny clearance if patient is deemed unsafe.

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